Playing live dealers on cafe Wi-Fi

It was such a nice day today that the thought of sitting in a dingy, dark office reviewing casino games seemed a little depressing.

With the wonders of modern technology and the age of wireless connectivity upon us, I thought heck-it, I’ll take the office to a nice outdoor cafe a plug away in more pleasant surrounds.

Can’t complain about the surrounds.

It’s 28 degrees C, the sidewalk is full of European backpackers making their daily sojourn to the beach, and that long Machiato has kicked in, lifting my mood to something more in-sync with the vibrant street atmosphere.

I can complain about the net-connection I’m getting though.  You see not all those backpackers continue on to the beach.  Quite a few stop and do some net surfing of their own.   No doubt Skype-ing mates back home, or posting all those photos from last night’s booze-fest on Facebook.  To cut a long story short, the cafe’s wi-fi connection is jam-packed with bytes and crawling at an annoying slow pace.

Certainly too slow to take a smooth real-time video stream.  Hence the decision to write this little rant rather than review/test new games.

Just another reminder of the necessity for  a reasonably connection speed when playing these games online!

For more details/specifics, check out our connection speed requirements page.

OK, time to order long Machiato no. 2!

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