Welcome to our first blog entry!

We figured every man and his dog has a blog site these days, so why not Livedealer.org?

Never have so many had so much to write about for so few.

I stumbled across a blog the other day on pet massage techniques.  Hundreds of pages dedicated to how best to pamper your pooch with nimble and loving fingers.  If some nutter (no disrespect intended) can write tens of thousands of words, plus countless videos about how to massage a dog, then we thought we could squeeze at least a few out on topics related to live blackjack, roulette, baccarat etc.

Initially at least, the purpose of the blog section will be to take a slightly less serious look at the world of live gaming than the rest of site.  Maybe think of it as a little less fact, review and analysis and a little more colour and even a laugh or two.

This is an exciting gaming platform still very much in its embryonic stages and we would like to follow its development closely over the next few years, and welcome all our visitors to come along for the ride.  To this end we welcome all your thoughts, perspectives and experiences in the form of comments to our upcoming posts.

Hope you find them interesting and insightful (but not too serious!)



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