The highest live online roulette limits

Something tells me you could be looking for high roller roulette table limits

We’ve already posted on the highest live blackjack and highest live baccarat limits, so I guess its only fair to the roulette fans out there that we do the same for roulette.

The series of posts on limits have been inspired by a recent review, which revealed a significant expansion in limits across a number of casinos.  The bet maximums are getting higher and the bet minimums are getting lower.

Anyway, for live roulette, the maximums took a quantum leap.  Unibet has gone a little bananas on its Gold tables.  Both Gold European and Gold French Roulette now have table limits to (£,€,$) 200,000.  This comfortably eclipses anything live blackjack and baccarat have to offer, and I would imagine it is at the upper end of the scale throwing all online games (RNG included) into the ring.

Just to clarify, the (£,€,$) 200,000 is a table limit. No inside or outside limits are specified, so you can bet the 200k inside or outside; or 100k inside and 100k outside etc.

This sort of upper limit will no doubt be more an interesting point of curiosity to most of us. I know for sure I’ll never be laying that kind of money on red or black – not in this lifetime anyway.  A look at a few toys retailing in the 200k vicinity put its magnitude in perspective…

– for the sailors out there, 200k will get you a new 46ft Beneteau Oceanis yacht;

– for the petrol heads, you could pick up an Aston Martin DB9;

– for the average punter, you could buy a house in most parts of the world.

200,000 table limits for Gold European and Gold French Roulette

For a comprehensive list of limits across all games and casinos, visit our live casino bet limits page

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