The many baccarat variations from Playtech’s Asian dealer studio

Big on variation range, if not looks – Playtech’s Asian dealer baccarat

After doing a bunch of baccarat game recordings recently, it struck me just how comprehensive Playtech’s baccarat range is.  And its not just the number of variations that players can select, but also the number dealers and tables available at any given time.

Now just to clarify – I’m talking about their Asian studio games, as opposed to their Euro studio platform.  If you aren’t across the distinction, read our live platform comparison page but basically one is video streamed from a dealer studio in Latvia, and the other from an Asian based studio.

The Asian games aren’t necessarily the best looking offering out there.  The bland blue-screen back drop doesn’t exactly do a great job of replicating the traditional casino experience.  And while you can chat to the dealers, their responses are via typed chat not clear audio, which you’ll experience at the Euro platform games.

But when it comes to sheer volume of variations and available tables/dealers then this has to be one of the best choices for baccarat players. Our review of their baccarat games is here .  Below however, just as an illustration of what they offer baccarat players, is a collection of video recordings of their full variation range…

multiplayer | mini | In-running | Progressive | VIP

The above games may be played at bet365

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