10p roulette

For players out there looking to stretch their gambling dollar a very long way, William Hill‘s live casino has a roulette table with a minimum bet of 10p (or cents if you’re playing in dollars or euro).

And this is a TABLE minimum.  You can bet your 10p inside, or outside.  The upshot is, if you only want to wager 10 p/cents per spin you can.

I make this point because a number of casinos advertise very low roulette minimums that apply to specific bet types rather than the entire table.  For example, there are a number of casinos that advertise a 0.10 roulette minimum, but this is for straight up bets only – additional bets must be placed on the table adding to a total of  (£,,$) 1.

Not a 0.10 minimum at all when you need to be at least (£,,$) 1 per spin!

Nothing quite like a picture to tell the true story. Below are accepted 10 cent bets at William Hill’s low limit table.  One is an inside straight-up 10 cent bet on lucky number 8, the other an outside even money bet on red.

10 cent bet inside. 10p if you're playing in £

10 cent bet outside. 10p if you're playing in £

PS I lost both bets and am now 20 cents in the hole!

For a complete list of live roulette bet limits, visit our live bet limits page.

For more roulette playing options, visit our live roulette page.

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