Looks like its casino re-branding season

Seems it’s the season for online casino brand refreshes.  In March Supercasino launched their new look website.  Soon afterward 32Red took the wraps of their updated site.

888 recently completed a more substantial branding makeover including new logo and websites, and now Dublinbet has just announced they will be undertaking a complete brand refresh  – an exercise CEO Grant Fraser has described as a crucial project.

It seems the whole brand refresh thing is a pretty big deal.  Dublinbet are engaging no fewer than 4 agencies to assist on their project – a team of 14 people Fraser calls “the Dream Team” will be discussing things like the casino’s brand identity; its brand essence and of course the underlying crucial brand strategy…can you imagine the b.s. bouncing off walls in these sessions?  A bullshit-o-meter would register off the scale if placed within a 100km radius.

Ok that’s a bit harsh.  I’m skeptical of branding only because I don’t understand it – and that’s my failing not the marketing agencies.  But here’s just one example of why it makes me scratch my head…

Like Dublinbet, 888.com no doubt paid a bunch of agencies big bucks to come up with a brilliant new brand concept. Something inspiring; an idea that captures the essence of the casino; a look that communicates this essence to players and compels them to register and play…

They changed the logo from this:

…to this

New font, different shade of green, background from white to black, ditch the die and slogan.  Brilliant! I wonder how big the team was working on this one?

Call me naive, but I reckon the cash spent on re-branding would have been better spent on enhancing player experience at the casino.


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