The Octopus Roulette System

Are you a sucker (pardon the pun) for a good roulette system?

Well we’ve got one that’s every bit as good as anything you’ll find for sale on the Internet.

It’s called the Octopus Roulette System.

All you need is:

  • an aquarium containing 2 boxes – one labeled red the other black; and
  • an octopus. Preferably one with proven oracle abilities.

The rest is easy.  Although you will have to play online because getting your octopus past security and onto the gaming floor of a traditional casino may be difficult.

The Octopus Roulette System

And good luck.   Not that you’ll need it!

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  1. LD
    LD says:

    A sad postscript…Paul ‘the Oracle’ Octopus who inspired the above post passed away this week. He died quietly from old age (2 and 1/2 yrs) in his aquarium in Germany.

    He will be missed by football fans and bookmakers the world over

    R.I.P. Paul


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