How not to run a live online casino: Taipei, Taiwan

illegal casino taiwan

underaged, undertrained, unlicensed, unlawful. photo:

3 months ago a new live dealer casino sprung up without too much fanfare.  No press releases; no big launch promo; no stands at any of the big online gambling conferences.

Their dealer studio was set up in Taipei, Taiwan…an unusual move considering that region’s casino laws (not presently allowed).

Another unusual move from operators was to hire models from a local agency as dealers.  Forget that they had no experience – a quick crash course in rolling dice and dealing cards was handed out…along with skimpy dresses.

The studio was made to look like it was based in mainland China (unsure how this added to their legitimacy!) by having TV screens in the background set to Chinese channels.

40 models/croupiers were hired for S$47,020, and they worked the casino’s eight tables, five of which were baccarat, 24 hours a day. Their ages…16 and up (not very far up I don’t think).

Yep, when Taiwanese police raided the studio recently two of the on-shift dealers were found to be under the age of 18 (16 & 17).

Needless to say the 1,000 or so players that had registered at Taiwan’s only combined crache/casino during the past three months will have to find somewhere else to play!

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