London roulette – big limits, British croupiers

Had a quick peak at Evolution Gaming’s new London roulette today.

Evolution Gaming describe it as an “opulent, live online Roulette environment replicating the rich experience of playing at one of London’s top casinos. No detail has been overlooked – from the superb interior design, lighting and ambience, to the intuitive user interface, to the real-time interaction with British croupiers…designed to appeal to super high-rollers

Now I haven’t been to any of the London casinos so I’ll have to take their word for it on the ambience side of things; it certainly looks nice enough. But on the ‘super high-roller’ claim I can confirm that limits are high.

The below game played at William Hill has an upper table limit of (£,€,$) 40,000 depending on your chosen currency.  High enough for all but the biggest whales I would’ve thought.

And yes the croupiers are definitely British (or at least Billy, below was).

In all other respects (bets, odds, payouts, user interface functionality) it’s the same as the EG’s European roulette.

London Roulette

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