Playing multiple seats live blackjack

Evolution Gaming’s platform upgrade appears to be running at most of their licensee casinos now.

Full game reviews are on their way but in the meantime I figured it’s worth pointing a new feature that blackjack fans might be interested in.

Notice the multi-seat buttons in the above pic?

Now if there are spare seats at the table you’re now welcome to take them…even if you are already a seated player.  Player malcmaser above is already playing a couple of hands, and he’d be able to play six if he wanted to (assuming I stayed at the table and no other players joined.

One of the biggest criticisms of live online blackjack has always been game speed (or lack thereof).  Playing a single hand at a full table can get pretty laborious if fellow players are a bit slow with their decision making.  Playing multiple seats/hands at the one table certainly alleviates the waiting time and allows you to play far more hands in any given session.

Of course this is all subject to seat availability.  But there’s good news on this front too with more and more casinos taking up the private/dedicated table option made available to them by Evolution Gaming.  Some casinos now have a number of dedicated blackjack tables at their disposal improving seat availability even at peak times.



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