Betfair now has a live casino


About time as well!

For a while now Betfair have been touting their real-deal casino games as the best thing since sliced bread.  These are games dealt by what Betfair describe as ‘ultra-realistic CGI avatars‘ that are without doubt technologically impressive, but not really real; not in the sense that the dealers are flesh and blood humans and the cards being dealt are tangible casino playing cards.

Now Betfair can lay claim to having real deal casino games because they’ve finally jumped on the live casino bandwagon and added Playtech’s live deal casino games.

Those of you familiar with live casino gaming may recognize the decor of the casino floor in Betfair’s promo image above…it’s the Playtech European live studio.  Cracking games and a bevy of very attractive and proficient dealers that are now accessible by Betfair’s 3 million plus registered customers.

Hopefully Playtech are going to add some more tables and dealers so the rest of us can still get a seat at our favorite tables!

We’ll get a full review of Betfair up in due course although many of you will already be familiar with the brand. If not here’s a quick & dirty to give you some idea of their standing in the industry:

  • founded 1999;
  • over 5,000,000 betting transactions processed daily (more than all EU stock exchanges combined);
  • over 3,000,000 customers worldwide;
  • over 2,000 staff;
  • betting exchange offered in 17 different languages;
  • official betting partner Manchester United FC;
  • official betting partner FC Barcelona;
  • official betting partner Ascot Racecourse.

Not a bad mob to be playing with!

You can visit them here if you want to be one of their first live casino players.

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