What to do on 12.12.12


Christmas comes around only once a year so you should make the most of goodies on offer. Don’t hold back on the turkey; take an extra slice of ham; ignore those judgmental looks as you pile the pudding on your plate. Diets and other unrealistic resolutions are for the new year.

The date 12.12.12 comes around once a century! Applying the Christmas logic you really shouldn’t let this day slip by without doing something special.

It’s not just the date’s rarity that compels action. 12.12.12 is also an auspicious day.

Today 696 couples in Hong Kong (4 times the daily average) and 540 couples in Singapore (8 times the daily average) will tie the knot according to those countries’ respective marriage registry websites.  As well as bringing good fortune 12.12.12 is supposed to signifying love and it seems there are many who believe enough in its power to bring marital bliss to take the big plunge.

Not as good as 11.11.11 mind you. On this date over a thousand weddings took place in Hong Kong. That’s because 11.11.11 is supposed to signify eternal love, which I suppose is better than just the fleeting love you’re guaranteed today. Then and again, as one of Hong Kong’s 696 grooms told the Ming Pao newspaper, it’ll  do the trick until the end of world on 21 December.

If marriage sounds a little extreme for your 12.12.12 celebrations, remember there are a always simpler ways to mark the day. Below are a few suggestions:

  • Give your girlfriend a dozen long stem roses. She’ll love you for it and you’re secure in the knowledge that a once a century reason to give her flowers is a precedent you can cope with.
  • Take a moment to be grateful that the doomsdayers who picked 12/12/12 as the end of the world weren’t correct (as opposed to the correct Mesoamerican long count calendar end on 21/12/12). Save this moment for late in the day.
  • Reach out and connect with someone. It’s also the annual World Day of InterConnectedness, so call a mate you haven’t spoken to in a while and see how they’re doing. Make sure it’s not a mate who lost everything in the GFC…they may ask you for cash.
  • Do one thing that scares you a little. Don’t post it on Youtube or Facebook.
  • Don’t turn on the TV.
  • Ladies, if you’re expecting  on the 13th, 14th, 15th… eat a hot curry, take a brisk walk or do whatever else you can think of to hurry things along a little bit. Junior will be grateful for the cool birth date you gave him/her.
  • If you’re a roadie, remember it’s also international sound check day…“1-2….1-2….check, 1-2”. So say it loud and proud!
  • If you’re planning on hitting the live roulette tables, take a straight-up punt on number 12.  Smart Live will give you an additional 12% on top of your 35:1 payout today only.
  • If blackjack, baccarat or poker are more your thing, Dublinbet are running a 12.12.12 prize draw with a €1,200 first prize.

What ever you do, hopefully it’s a memorable day for you.


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