2 Sugars and 32 Red

live dealer roulette on iPad

If you’re one of those people concerned about the accessibility of gambling these days, then this post isn’t going make you’re day (maybe read about Germany’s Interstate Treaty on Gambling instead).

My day usually starts with a coffee and a quick browse of the local paper. The Pope’s resigned (and you think you were nervous when you walked in your bosses office to give notice!), property prices are still falling, footballers and peptides remain a hot topic, and a man in New Zealand wants warning labels on Coca Cola bottles after suspicions his partner’s 10 litre a day habit contributed to her demise (who would have thought a kilo of sugar daily would be bad for you?)!

That’s the newspaper done. Now for a little roulette before breakfast.

Yep, live dealer games have recently become whole lot more mobile with developers launching iPad friendly versions that have been quickly adopted by casinos over the last month or so.

Squashed into Apple’s wafer thin tech marvel, the iPad mini is a live dealer running a game of roulette, video streamed in real time and complete with stats, chat, multiple video views and all kinds of other functionality. Pretty much everything the desktop/laptop UI lets you do you can do here…in fact arguably more (when I turn my laptop sideways the game doesn’t automatically right itself and change dimensions to fill the screen!).

Bets are placed with a finger tap to select a chip, and another on the table to place it.  No click and drag like on the PC…but they’re real money bets just the same, giving rise to a lot of, Woohoo! Doh! Whoohoo! Doh! carry-on emanating from my table.

Other customers must have thought I was very passionate about my news!

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