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The impending release of live blackjack for iPad was foreshadowed back when Evolution Gaming announced the launch of live roulette for iPad.

It’s now up and running, and without a whole lot of fanfare from its creators or the casinos that have added it. As of yesterday those casinos included William Hill (Vegas) and Betvictor. Within a week this list will have no doubt grown considerably so it’s going to be a bit of a scramble trying to keep our iPad live casino games page up to date!

The 64 million dollar question for iPad users (& live blackjack enthusiasts) is how well blackjack with a live dealer presents on iPad? Can the PC be forgotten about altogether when you get that itch to play?

Our full take on Evolution’s iPad live blackjack is here. The short answer is it’s damn good….a lot of fun to play. If you play on your iPad you aren’t sacrificing any access to tables or dealers (same as if you playing PC), or any functionality of the PC version.  When I logged on moments ago at Betvictor, I could choose from their private blackjack table, 5 lower limits tables and 4 VIP tables. HOWEVER, and it’s a rather significant however so forgive the shouting, you may well find the live video stream is not as good as what you’re used to playing Evolution’s PC version.

I can’t remember the last time my video froze playing their Flash/PC live blackjack. On the same very good connection (around 5 Mbps download, 0.8-1 Mbps upload) the video did freeze occasionally playing on the iPad. Certainly not a showstopper – just mildly annoying at times. Hopefully it will improve with future upgrades and as HTML5 capabilities improve.

Still, you will be impressed with how intuitive the interface is and how clear the video is (albeit still at times).

Well worth having a play! Bring on baccarat!

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