bet365 live dealer App now with blackjack and baccarat


The ever watchful Unclefester has spotted that bet365’s live dealer App has been beefed up to now include baccarat and blackjack (in addition to roulette).

As before, it is only accessible from the UK App Store and therefore only available to UK residents. If this includes you, then tables/games you can now play with live dealers on your iPad with bet365 are:

  • Roulette – choose from multiple tables including Aphrodite and Vesta
  • Baccarat – surprisingly with a table from Playtech’s Asian studio, rather than the Euro studio.
  • Blackjack – on the App, bet365 call it ‘Ultimate Blackjack‘. Play via PC and it’s called Unlimited Blackjack. This is not classic 7 seat blackjack, but rather Playtech’s ‘one to many’ blackjack table, allowing an unlimited number of players to play the table at any given time.

Hopefully you will have more success with the video stream than Unclefester did.

There is good news for players outside the UK. Chances are your bet365 live gaming experience (via good old PC) is more enjoyable (definitely less interrupted) than it would be playing on your iPad. It does seem that Playtech have some serious video streaming issues to solve with their iOS live dealer games.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.


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