Paddy Power App now with more live casino games

paddy live casino App

Looks like it’s full steam ahead for Paddy Power and their mobile live dealer games.

They joined the growing throng of casinos to get their live dealers into the  UK App Store when they launched a live roulette App a couple of months ago. Now they have  beefed things up a bit, promising customers access to more live games on the go via iOS and/or Android devices.

Launch their new App and you’ll be able to play (kind of) roulette, blackjack or baccarat with access to a limited selection of tables (compared with what you get playing on your PC), all from Playtech’s Latvian studio as follows:

  • 1 x Blackjack table – This is ‘Unlimited Blackjack‘ (one to many deal, not 7 seat table), also referred to as ‘Ultimate Blackjack and dealt on Playtech’s Pegasus blackjack table.
  • 2 x Roulette tables – Aphrodite and Vesta, both European Roulette
  • 1 x Baccarat – Neptune table

I slipped the (kind of) in there because it seems that issues with Playtech’s mobile live dealer games are persisting. The main one being an annoying tendency to lose the live video stream, and it doesn’t look like this has been remedied for Paddy Power’s APP.

Rather fittingly, even Paddy’s  ‘WATCH DEMO‘ video is experiencing hiccups at the moment…


While the prospect of having a Playtech live dealer in your pocket may be an appealing one, for the time being at least, it may be better to stick with their good old fashioned PC live games.

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