Live Poker for iPad now available

A few days ago a couple of the bigger live casinos rolled out Evolution Gaming’s latest game release…live poker built for iPad.

Already William Hill have the new edition available on both standard tables in addition to an exclusive table inside their private room (pictured below…this room’s getting big by the looks of that background!).

William Hill iPad live poker

Sky Vegas have the standard (general floor) table thus far, shown below (left) played in portrait mode.

No doubt in coming weeks we’ll see a bunch of other Evolution Gaming casinos add live poker to their roster of iPad playable live games.

iPad live Casino Holdem poker

As far as rules go, the game is identical to the live poker game you’d play at these (or other Evolution Gaming casinos) while logged on from your PC.

It’s their House poker game they call Live Casino Hold’em. You are not playing against other players. Rather, it’s you versus the dealer/House.

An Ante bet gets you in the game, a pair of pocket cards and a look at a flop.  You then have the option of upping the Ante with a Call bet (2x Ante) and seeing if you beat the dealer. How much you win depends on whether the dealer’s hand qualifies…here’s an excerpt from the house rules (full rules on our live poker page)…

The dealer must have a pair of 4s or higher to qualify.

You win if the dealer doesn’t qualify. The Ante bet is paid out according to the payout table, but the Call bet is returned to you.

You win if the dealer’s hand qualifies and dealer’s hand is lower than yours. The Ante bet is paid out according to the payout table and the Call bet pays 1:1.

You lose if the dealer’s hand qualifies and dealer’s hand is higher than yours. You lose both your Ante bet and your Call bet.


According to Unclefester from the forums, whose already road tested iPad live poker, it works pretty well.

Easy to use interface …. same as other Evolution iPad games

You should also find the video stream pretty good.

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