Fester’s Findings – June 2014

Below is a wrap up of what you might have missed for the glorious sporting month of June.


2014 FIFA World Cup

Just In case you somehow didn’t know … a football (or soccer if that helps) world championship started in Brazil this month. The platforms got into the spirit of the tournament with flags, footballs and dressing their dealers in official (and less official) replica shirts. Evolution’s Sports Roulette table was the best place to be for football chat and team shirts. Despite my best efforts I didn’t manage to spot all 32 teams’ colours.


Lilita blew her whistle to kick off proceedings at 888 casino supporting the host nation. Argentina is a favourite team at Playtech, and currently still in the tournament, unlike Spain, England, Italy, …

888 casino also finally got round to adding the blackjack side bets.

New Unibet tables

Evolution opened the doors to their new look, new location Unibet dedicated areas.

Players lost an English blackjack table in the move, but gained 2 Dutch blackjack tables and a French language roulette table. Localised language tables are seemingly becoming more commonplace at Evolution casinos.

If the brown and green padded walls décor are not your ‘cup of tea’ you can always try watching the video screens cycle between Casino Grande and Unibet logos.

Unibet review

bwin add another blackjack table

Evolution staff had a busy month and added another blackjack table in bwin’s dedicated area.

Dealers celebrated the new table with World Cup flags and were also supporting Brazil.

bwin blackjack D

Evolution blackjack tweak

Here’s an exclusive I didn’t post in the forum.

Evolution introduced a handy feature to the blackjack interface to make the game rounds even quicker (in theory).
When you are playing at the tables you can now make your initial decision (to hit, stand, double, or split) before the dealer gets to your cards. Playtech players already had this feature.


Decision icons (enlarged for clarity) appear under your cards, as seen here playing at William Hill.

and finally …

To finish on a personal note.

We all have our favourite dealers. One year ago I met a special lady at Playtech. It’s the memorable dealers who make the games so much fun and one of the reasons why we keep going back to the casino tables.

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