Getting re-acquainted with old casino friends

The last couple of days have been a bit like a school reunion, without the awkwardness of forgetting names that you really should have remembered. Also without without too much booze (rule number one of responsible gambling!).

After an extended geo-blocked absence it was nice to get back inside some old favourite live deal casinos.

First cab off the rank was 888…it’s grown! Then came bet365 whose security protocols did my head in, but I guess they are there to protect me from myself (?) so I shouldn’t be too upset with them. Then there was Ladbrokes…big changes from a couple of years back,  and smooth sailing so far including a nice a nice first up win.

There are still plenty of old friends to catch up with, so the reunion will continue well into the month. Unibet, BetFred, Betfair, William Hill – the list goes on.

Speaking of  William Hill, if anyone from their security team happens to read this, can you please hurry up and approve my account changes so I still have time to have a crack at the 24 carat gold plated iPads!

Have a great weekend all.

I know I will 🙂

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