A live casino landing page worth landing on

Few things are more frustrating than landing on a casino page wanting to the who’s, where’s, how’s, when’s etc and finding none of the information you’re looking for.

An About Us page shouldn’t contain vague, opaque statements about the pursuit of excellence and integrity and promises of the best games online. It should contain names, addresses, licenses, software provider details etc.

The absence of real information on casino sites always gets the old bullshit-o-meter moving. No information combined with grandiose statements and images from a stock library (rather than the actual games), and the meter goes into the red-zone. If there’s nothing to hide, there’s no need to hide it behind fluff.

On the flip side, it’s nice to find pages where details are accessible AND useful information is clearly presented.

The recently designed Betvictor live casino landing page fits into this category.

BetVictor Live Casinos


Five different casino to choose from does give it a leg-up, but this fact aside, at glance you can see what games, how many tables, how many dealers, where the games are streamed from and whether the games are mobile compatible. Can’t say for sure, but would also confidently guess that the dealers pictures are actually dealing in the respective studios.

Fire up the games and house rules and other pertinent information is readily available.

Well done Betvictor.

Now if you could just get a little more active with tournaments and giveaways…


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