The Hollandish Betting System

Hollandish roulette

Hollandish is a negative progression system with a difference. Unfortunately that difference isn’t guaranteed winnings.

While other negative progression systems like Martingale, D’AlembertLabouchere, and Fibonacci dictate that the amount you should bet will depend on the outcome of the previous single bet/spin, with Holllandish the outcome of a block of three spins/bets is assessed to determine how much to bet next.

Typically 3 spins will be used in a ‘Hollandish Block’. Bet amounts remain the same during a 3 spin Hollandish Block, increasing or decreasing for the next block depending on the outcome of all bets in the preceding block.

Employing Hollandish System playing roulette

Begin with a single unit even money roulette bet: red/black, odd/even, high/low. The amount you bet will be exactly the same for each of the first three spins, regardless of outcome. For the purpose of this explanation, our unit is $1.

Your bet amount for the next 3 spin block will depend on the win/loss outcome of your current block, as follows:

  • 3 win: $1 (ie back to starting unit)
  • 2 wins, 1 loss: $1 (ie back to starting unit)
  • 1 win, 2 loss: increased according to below progression
  • 3 loss: increased according to below progression

Progression for increasing block bets (multiplied by selected unit):

1 – 3 – 5 – 7 – 9….

That is, bet amount for each bet within the second block following a losing first block will be $3. After another losing block it becomes $5, and so on.

Example of Hollandish in action

Bet number Block number Bet Amount Win or Loss Net Position
1 1 1 Loss $ -1
2 1 1 Win $  0
3 1 1 Loss $ -1
4 2 3 Win $  2
5 2 3 Win $  5
6 2 3 Loss $  2
7 3 1 Loss $  1
8 3 1 Loss $  0
9 3 1 Win $  1

It’s certainly a more measured approach to bet selection. Basing decisions on a range of outcomes rather than a single outcome has some merit and seems less ‘knee-jerk’ than some of the other methods. It also limits the rate of bet progression in the event of a long losing streak.

But at the end of the day, like all other roulette betting systems discussed so far, it doesn’t address the fundamental roulette dilemma:

  • outcomes are independent, and
  • there’s a house edge for each bet.
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