First accurate stats on UK remote gambling released

The UK’s new remote gambling laws came into effect in November 2014, giving the UK Gambling Commission (the Commission) visibility on the online gambling habits of a much more complete sample of players than ever before.

Yesterday the Commission released its first industry stats report incorporating the new data and it made for interesting reading.

The complete report can be downloaded free at their website. A couple of key findings on remote gambling (pages 32 to 38) are set out below.

Pre November 2014 – operators exit

The below graphic shows Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) of UK licensed operators (in £m’s) in the years leading up to the new laws coming into effect.


2013 and 2014 in particular highlight the rush to Gibraltar, Malta, IOM and other low tax licensing jurisdictions.

This trend was reversed drastically from 1 November 2o14.

Post November 2014 – forced re entry

Pre Nov 2014 Post Nov 2014 (Sept 30 2015)
Licenses held: 269 719 (by 427 operators)
UK regulated customers: 5.6 million 15.6 million
Regulated customer funds: £228 million £463 million

…and what players are playing

Online casino games are the biggest segment, followed by sports betting.

It’s worth noting that the under the new regime the Commission had visibility on £834 million in remote casino GGY over 5 months, compared with less than £30 million for the entire year to March 2014.


The punters (sadly) do love their slots.


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