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For all you (understandably) frugal players looking for live blackjack tables offering maximum returns and minimum house edges…you may be interested to know that our blackjack house edge comparison page has just been updated.

A few more platforms have been added to the tables(NetEnt, Extreme Live Gaming, Portomaso).

Regardless of where you play, remember:

  1. Blackjack has a skill element
    It is not a game of pure chance. The decisions you make (Hit, Stand, Split etc) will impact your long term returns.
    The house edge calculations presented assume you are making the correct decisions (ie playing basic strategy).
  2. Forget side bets
    House edges presented are for main game, not side bets which are being increasingly offered at live balckjack tables.
    The house edge applying to side bets is typically considerable higher  (ie worse)!
  3. House edge versus Return to Player (RTP) rate.
    Whats the difference?
    None really. These 2 terms are just a different expression/ representation of the same concept – for a given value of bets placed, how much does the house take, and how much does the player retain.
    A house edge of 0.45% equates to a RTP rate of 99.55%. For every $100 in wagers placed, the house takes 45 cents, and the player takes $99.55.
    It’s worth noting that house edge and RTP are mathematically calculated theoretical returns (eg, assuming infinite hands played). In reality, player returns will deviate from the theoretical return. If they didn’t who would ever play?
    (slots players I guess?)
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