Playing the St Vincent’s Casino leaderboard

saint vincents roulette

There’s a leaderboard on at Unibet right now.

Thought it worth a special mention for a couple of reasons. First, prizes aren’t too shabby: €20,000 cash to be shared among the top 20 players (€5,000 for first). Second it’s taking place on the roulette tables inside the St Vincent Casino in Italy.

Located at the foot of the Italian Alps, St Vincent’s is prettier than your average casino. Take a look below.

Unibet added tables from St Vincent’s back in January. In fact they now carry the complete Authentic Gaming table line-up which also includes tables (roulette only) from inside the Hilton International Casino in Georgia.

The St Vincent’s race promo is no doubt a cunning Unibet plan to introduce players to their new range of live casino tables. Sucked me in.

Just beware though, this is a straight wager race…the more you stake the more points you earn. No cute little variations designed to give the low rollers a chance. High rollers will scoop most if not all positions on the leaderboard.

The race ends midnight Sunday. Full details can be read here.

One more word of warning. The Authentic Gaming chip selector is a fully rotating reel which places the highest value chip (€100) alongside the lowest (€1 or €0.20 depending on the table you’re playing). If you’re new to the playing interface, some careless mouse action could lead to:

  1. placing a much higher value bet than intended; and
  2. madly scrambling to find the cancel-bet button in the seconds before bets close; then
  3. sweating profusely on the result, with a €100 chip sitting on 32 red, which was supposed to be a €1.


I’m speaking from experience here. And no, the bet did not win.

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