£€$50,000 live casino games race is on


There are leaderboards, and then there are leaderboards.

This one, on right now at William Hill live casino, will see 1,105 players receive their share of £€$50,000 on Monday. The winner gets a cool £€$5,000 cash to play with, to withdraw or to do whatever they wish with.

For those who have never taken part in a casino leaderboard the concept is very simple. You earn points for play. The more you earn, the bigger your prize. In this case, points are earned at a rate of 1 per £€$ 1 staked on any of their live tables.

Yes, it’s a not so subtle way of encouraging you to stake more. But if you intended to have a play anyway opting in is a no brainer because you will take home extra cash or bonuses from your weekend’s play.

Full promo details are here.

Don’t dilly dally. The race has already started so opt-in,  join the likes of Estere on Hill’s live tables and start racking up points!



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