£€$50,000 live table wager race


If you missed the last big leaderboard at William Hill live casino, fear not – they’re running another one!

Once again, they’re stumping up a massive £€$50,000 in cash (for top 5 places) and bonuses (positions 6 to 1,105) but his time you have a whole week to get some points on the board.

To those of you hardened skeptics who don’t believe it’s ever possible to get something for nothing when it comes to online casinos, consider the sage words of serial promo prize recipient Unclefester, commenting on the last 50K leaderboard

I managed to bag a £75 bonus in this promotion without betting so much. Always worth opting into learderboard promotions when you’re not automatically entered – you can be sure of competing with significantly less players than casino promotions where every player is included by default..

You won’t top this leaderboard, and if you do you’ll likely have won or lost so much money that the £€$ 5,000 cash first prize will seem inconsequential. But it doesn’t take a lot of wagers to be one of the 1,105 players on the leaderboard.

For the uninitiated, the concept is simple. You get one tournament point for every £€$1 staked on any of their live dealer tables until Sunday. The more points you rack up relative to other players, the higher up the leaderboard you go and the bigger your prize.

Full details on William Hill’s 50K leaderboard are here.


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