First big live dealer promo weekend of 2019

There wasn’t much on offer for players in live dealer land on the first weekend of 2019.

Fair enough. Most casino marketing departments were probably still on holiday. Or nursing NYE hangovers.

Weekend number two is a very different story with a number of live casino offers running, including two biggies worthy of special mention.

William Hill’s €£$20,000 cash leaderboard

William Hill tend to run big leaderboard’s pretty regularly. This is their first for 2019.

Pretty simple concept. Provided you have satisfied their qualification criteria (opt in etc), you get 1 tourney point for every €£$ 1 staked on their live casino tables. The more points you manage to rack up during the allotted promo period (ends Sunday 13th Jan), relative to other participants, the higher up the leaderboard you go. The higher up the leaderboard you finish, the bigger you cash prize (€£$1,000 for 1st place).

Yes, it’s a wager race. Yes, it’s a not so subtle way of encouraging more play on their tables. But if you intended playing there anyway, be sure to join this offer because winning prize money is not difficult.

This is because the prize pool (€£$20,000 cash) gets shared down to 1,450th place. You do not need to be a high roller to finish on the leaderboard and in the money.

If you want to read the ins and outs of William Hill’s €£$20 cash leaderboard, click here.

If you just want to have a crack…click below.

William Hill's 20k leaderboard

Unibet’s Weekend for 2 in New York (+ cash for runners up)

If a weekend in New York for you and your special +1 sounds appealing, this offer at Unibet is for you.

Every €£50 you stake on their live tables over the weekend (again, closing midnight Sunday 13th), earns you a ticket in their New York prize draw.

31 players names will be drawn. 30 get a not-too-shabby €£500 cash. The 31st (or rather 1st), wins a weekend getaway in New York: 3 nights accommodation, broadway show plus €£3,500 spending money.

If you win and don’t want to go to New York, you can take a cool €£6,500 optional cash alternative.

Remember, all you need to do to be in this one, is bet a total of €£50…win or lose.

For more details on Unibet’s New York weekend offer, click here. To play and secure you ticket, click below.Unibet weekend in New York

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