Lera – Our live dealer of the week

Dealer Lera

Live blackjack tables go by many names these days.

There’s Unlimited Blackjack, Infinite Blackjack, Blackjack RoyaleSalon Prive Blackjack, Platinum, Diamond, Grand, Fortune and various other VIP titles just to name a few. At Betfair and Paddy Power you can play the likes of Venice, Havana, Shanghai, Miami, Zurich, Monaco or Tokyo Blackjack.

We’re told Free Bet Blackjack is just around the corner.

For the most part these are just names. Variations aside, you’re playing the same or similar house rules.

The table pictured above goes by the name Lounge Blackjack (number 3).

I’d like to suggest to the folk at Playtech that it be renamed to Can’t Lose Blackjack – at least during the times that Lera is dealing.

Couldn’t lose a hand while she was dealing the cards. I don’t get to say that very often after a round of blackjack!

My only two complaints:

  1. I was playing the minimum bet, and
  2. Lera handed the table over to a new dealer way too early
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