Glorija – Our live dealer of the week

Usually finding the dealer of the week necessitates actually playing on their table.

I wanted to get seat at this blackjack table. I waited for quite a while. But nobody was too interested giving one up.

Waiting, ready to pounce on a vacated seat, watching round after round it became apparent why no one would leave.

Glorija more21s

Glorija had an uncanny knack for dealing great hit cards.

Hit on 11 you get a 10. Hit on 13 you get a 7. Hit on soft 18 you get a 3. Hit soft 16 you get a 5.

Below is another typical round.

Glorija 21s

Hit on 13 you get a 6. Hit on 14 you get a 7. Hit on 12 you get a 9. Hit on 11 and of course you get a 10.

Player busts did happen. But no where near as often as usual.

No wonder this dude was splitting 2s against a queen. He would have been expecting 10 & 9 to both splits.


They didn’t come. But I almost expected them to.


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