Simple suited 7s for £€50K

This Sunday will mark an unusual anniversary for Betvictor.

It’ll be one year since their £€50K suited 7s cash jackpot promotion began.

The offer is simple. To understand that is. Not so much to win.

Should you be seated at one of their exclusive live blackjack tables and be on the receiving end of a triple suited 7 hand, with the dealer drawing a matching up-card, £€50,000 cash is yours instantly.

When the offer went live on 20 September 2019, the terms proclaimed it would remain open until the jackpot was won. A year on those elusive 4 suited 7’s have yet to make an appearance in the precise order required. And yes, the offer is still live.

Definitely still up for grabs

Just to be sure, I confirmed with Damian at Betvictor’s live chat that the offer was indeed still live. Here’s the chat transcript.


How hard can it be to draw 4 suited 7s?

As Damian rightly points out, “that’s quite a lot of 7’s in a row”.

But Betvictor have had four exclusive blackjack tables operating 24/7 for nearly a year now.  That’s a lot of hands being dealt. This begs the question, how remote is the chance of 4 suited 7’s popping up?

This will depend on the state of the shoe of course. If, for example you have managed to observe very few or even no 7’s being dealt deep into the shoe your chances are better than at the beginning of the new shoe.

But for the sake of simplicity, let’s consider the situation where you alone take a seat at one of these eligible blackjack tables and the dealer is beginning the deal from a fresh 8 deck shoe. What are your odds of taking the £€50K cash jackpot?

Let’s break down the deal.

  1. Your first card: can be any 7. The odds happening is 32 chances out of 416, or 1/13.
  2. Dealer’s up-card: this 7 has to match leading suit. There are only 7 of these left in the remaining shoe of 415 cards for a 7/415 chance.
  3. Your second card: must be another suited 7. Now 6 remaining in the 414 card shoe for a 6/414 chance.
  4. Next is the dealer’s down card. You don’t want this to be one of your suited 7’s because this reduces your chances when you hit for your third card. But it could be, and the odds of this happening are 5/413.
  5. Your third card Hit: must be another suited 7. Let’s work on the assumption the dealer’s down card was not one of your required suited 7’s (how cruel would that be), so we still have 5 chances in 412 to hit the jackpot.

The probability of this outcome equates to the permutation:

(1/13) x (7/415) x (6/414) x (5/412) = 7/30,673,812

Or around 1 chance in 4,381,973.

Them’s lottery type odds. And with fewer deals than entries in your average lottery, it’s no wonder this one hasn’t gone off yet!



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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The dealer’s down card can be totally ignored. It’s no more relevant than any other of the unseen cards that could be one of your sevens.

    So the term for the third player card should be 5/413 (not 5/412), and you then have the exact probability of any given hand winning the jackpot.


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