Playtech’s Greatest Cards Show

Greatest Cards Show

Playtech’s latest live game show started taking bets last week. It’s titled, The Greatest Cards Show but ironically doesn’t involve a deck of playing cards at all.

Rather, it’s a big wheel (horizontal). Cards are represented however, with each segment on the wheel labelled as one of the 52 playing cards, in order and grouped by number/picture as below. There’s also 2 Joker segments placed opposite each other, for a total of 54 possible places the wheel can land on.

Greatest Card Show wheel layout

All you have to do is choose your segments. That is, which number and suit the wheel will land on.

Greatest Card Show bet options

The bet selector lets you choose a specific suited number/picture (right).  Or you can choose a number/picture (left) which will select all suits (ie 4 positions and 4x you chosen chip value).

The presenter then spins the wheel (manually) and a winning pick will earn you a 39:1 (or 40x) payout.

Greatest Card Show win

So 54 possible outcomes, and a 40x payout if you win. Doesn’t take a maths genius to figure out this odds/payout setup makes for a pretty healthy house edge. But this is reduced a little with the bonus games and resulting multipliers that help narrow the house edge a little.

Boosted payouts

While a 40x payout is the most common winning outcome, The Greatest Cards Show does come with three bonus games that boost payouts, up to 5000x if you’re lucky enough.

Spotlight and Light Show Bonus Rounds

Each round after bets close, a bunch of cards are chosen as silver or gold cards.

If the wheel comes to rest on a gold card (7 in below round) a Light Show bonus game will commence, with all players betting on 7 in the running to win up to 5,000x.

Greatest Card Show spotlight light show cards

If the wheel comes to rest on a silver card a Spotlight bonus game will commence and those with a bet on this card stand to win a multiplier of 50x to 2,000x. It was 60x in the below Spotlight round.

Greatest Card Show spotlight round

Joker Bonus Round

If the wheel comes to rest on one of the 2 Joker segments, a couple of things happen:

  1. Bets remain in place, the wheel is spun again and winners of this spin will take part in the Joker bonus game.
  2. Multipliers for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place applying to the bonus round are randomly chosen. 1,000x is the top 1st place multiplier.

Greatest Card Show Joker Round

Players winning through the bonus game are presented with 4 coloured jokers and need to pick one. If you don’t pick, one will be chosen for you.

The jokers then begin a duel (juggling, doing tricks etc) to decide 1st through 4th place and players’ multipliers.

Greatest Card Show Dueling Jokers

Theoretical Return

No skill. Big wheel. Animated bonus games. RNG determined multipliers. All the ingredients for a pretty low returning game. And so it is with an RTP of 96.67%.

Full House Rules

The above pretty much covers it all, but you can read the full house rules here.

Greatest Cards Show video.

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