Michigan overtakes New Jersey in net casino monthly revenue

Michigan has overtaken New Jersey in terms of online casino revenues for the first time ever.

For the month of January 2023, Michigan’s online casinos posted gross gaming revenue of $153.7 million. It was a record figure for the state, and above New Jersey’s $152.9 million, which was also that state’s highest monthly total to date.

Michigan were later to the regulated online casino party than New Jersey (and Pennsylvania), with Michigan Gaming Control Board licensed casinos taking their in January 2021. Since then they’ve been on a pretty strong growth trajectory, flirting with taking the top spot in August ($130.9 million v NJ’s $131.4 million) and November 2022 ($145.4 million v NJ’s $146.2 million).

The big 3 states seemed to plateau through the first half of 2022, leading some commentators to suggest some level of market maturity had been reached.

But the story from July 2022 into 2023 is one of clear growth.


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