Pragmatic’s growing baccarat table range

Pragmatic Speed Baccarat 9

This is Speed Baccarat 9.

It’s one of 26 live baccarat tables that were available when I logged in to play earlier today.  26 different dealers, 26 different actual surrounds (as opposed to multiple chroma-key backgrounds for the same deal).

And not just look and feel difference. There are differences of substance across the tables.

Pragmatic baccarat table range

There are different payout structures on the main game. Choose regular Punto Banco payouts or No Commission payouts.

There are different deals. Choose regular deal (on the Speed Baccarat tables) or 6 cards out face down deal (on the tables simply named Baccarat).

Then there’s a plethora of side bets on offer. From Pairs and Bonus side bets to the newly introduces Super 8 and Fortune 6 side bets.

And in most cases, you can play your preferred format on a choice of different look and feel tables all manned (or rather wo-manned) by different dealers.

The Pragmatic Play live baccarat range is not too far off rivalling industry leaders Evolution and Playetch.

A couple of squeeze deal tables (eg controlled squeeze , peek baccarat) and baccarat based multiplier games (eg Lightning Baccarat) would see the gap closed further. Don’t be surprised to see Pragmatic launching these types of tables later this year or next.

Of course the leaders are exactly standing still, so catching and passing them any time in the next few years would be a tall order.

But given Pragmatic’s progress, it’s safe to say when it comes to providers of live baccarat, we can start to talk about the ‘Big 3’, rather than ‘Big 2’.

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