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Thread: Money Drop Live

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    Money Drop Live

    Foreshowed this latest live game show product from Playtech back at the start of 2020,

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    here we go again then ... just another big wheel money game with bolted on side games?

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    not exactly the same as before;

    - this time you start of by winning (potentially big up to 5000x)

    - then come the game rounds to determine how much you get to keep or

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    You start by placing a bet on any of the 8 betting positions (replicated on the big wheel)

    - 7 of these positions lead to the Drop Rounds where you get to distribute your winnings and hope to keep the majority, if you're lucky.

    - the Card Clash betting position is different, multiplying your payout determined by picking sides of 3 hands of cards (max payout of 1000x for 3 ties).

    Click image for larger version. 

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