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Betsson group casinos are running a cash draw, with €10K being awarded to winners on 29 May.

Tickets in the draw are earned...
  • by playing their new Triple Way Roulette table,
  • any time up until midnight (CET) Sunday 28 May,
  • with every €10 staked earning 1 ticket in the draw

Prizes are paid as cash, with now wager/withdrawal requirements to 402 winners, as per the below table...

Number of Prizes Cash Prize
1x €1,000
1x €500
1x €250
3x €100
16x €50
30x €30
100x €25
250x €15

About Triple Way Roulette
Interesting concept this one. Provider Religa, have altered a standard roulette wheel by diving each pocket into 3 channels.

Rather than a single possible Straight-up bet outcome paying 35:1, there are now 3 possible outcomes for each straight up bet. The middle channel is designated the Gold Channel, and pays 85x. The 2 outside channels pay 10x.

Here's a 19 (Gold Channel) outcome.

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Meaning an 85x win payout to players betting Straight Up on 19 red.

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A novel way of adding a payout multiplier, with no RNG element needed. That is, outcomes are decided entirely by physical objects. You just need to trust the channels are fairly/evenly engineered!