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Thread: blackjack card counting

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    blackjack card counting

    Is blackjack card counting still possible today? Anyone tried?

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    Hi Grace

    You're welcome to count playing live but it won't do you much good as all the providers reshuffle mid shoe. Without sufficient deck penetration you don't get an opportunity to use your count.

    You can read more on blackjack card counting and whether it works playing live blackjack here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GraceUy View Post
    Is blackjack card counting still possible today? Anyone tried?
    Though card counting in blackjack is still possible, it has become extremely difficult because of the casino’s counter measures such as multiple decks, shuffle machines, and surveillance. It should be pointed out that card counting might lead to either expulsion or even legal punishment thus making it an arduous and risky way to play in contemporary casinos.

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