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Thread: deception ,cheating in live casinos?

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    deception ,cheating in live casinos?

    Told and showed screenshots of a 888 does not accept bets that would benefit as 888 take bets, but the gains are not paid. and returned stupid bet ... and other options .... We decided to check it: to do on 2 computers at the rate of the colors, the stakes have decided to make 400, that would just draw attention, that would not lose, we decided to put more and $ 50 for zerro. What came of it, see the video!

    888 poker scam 100% proove!!!

    youtube ( point ) com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ianBBp-fRGA#!

    The next day .....
    888 poker scam 100% proove!!! part 2
    continue to delight Pacifik:
    youtube ( point ) com/watch?v=-w16JNcHe4w

    this time put on 3 accounts for $ 108 on each of the dozen. besides that fell zerro, they did not take the last bet and returned it to the balance. .. but after a few seconds, the balance written off. That is, if the rate is played, you win without options we would not see, but as the interest rate does not play, even though it was not, she loses ... do they do what they want ...

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    Hi Saali,

    With respect, I'm struggling to understand what exactly you are saying above. I will say though that 888 don't control the live games software...Evolution Gaming do. And if their games are not 100% fair, and in any way rigged, then they're jeopardizing their license agreements with every single one of their clients (Ladbrokes, Party Casino, Betsson, William Hill, 888, Victor Chandler, etc etc)... A business practice so stupid it would be extremely difficult to imagine as being true.

    For the benefit of others, here are the videos Saali linked to.

    Part 1

    Part 2
    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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    Two cases in two days can be (and I am 100% it is) a convincidence. Have you thought about that? In your opinion,Saali, how the cheat is possible to be done anyway? I mean, fisically, how do you think they do it? The games are live - so it is impossible that they could know, what will be the next outcome. That's a fact. It is quite silly that you think that there is some evel person in the backgraund, who is following exactly your few hundred dollars two days in row, and it all just to annoy you, by desision of accepting/non-acception your bets.

    You better be carefull, what you are saying about this casino, as they are providing live, licensed live games already for years, which means that they are absolutely reliable and care about their reputation and quality of service.

    I am sorry, but you were just unlucky in those three spins within two days. Maybe today the stars are in better position for you there. And another thing - it would be really nice, if in the future you would use english instead of russian, when commenting those videos, otherwise - how peaople in here can undarstand you?
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    "I have a video source, which clearly shows evidence of fraud, these materials are investigated with experts, and each of them is given on the reliability of the conclusion.

    A. substitution of video to change the result of a single spin
    B. refusal to accept relatively large and large rates to non-payment of the prize

    About videos in topic:
    these videos show only part of which reflects the essence of the casino and in consequence of any loss of quality - are not evidence, but only introduced to the fraudulent activity

    About logic:
    it's too much money and the inability to prove what would refuse such prospects
    Since 2006! They got more expirience than you cann imagine!

    Have lot of fun to play with them and then dont cry when you lose all money "

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    888 and bet365 cheaters

    Thank you so much for pointing out the cheating of 888.

    I played the roulette at Bet365. The bets can go from 10 cents to unlimited so for progressive bets with 1 chance out of 2 to win, it seems really to good to be true... and in fact, it is!!!!! It is so obvious that Bet365 are cheating and their roulette is riggered... You can lost 20 - 30 times in a row with bets with 50% chances of winning, they don't care but they won't let you win on a long term. So, the only way to recuperate a part of what you lost, it is to make a bet so that your total of win will be about 95% of your total play but they won't let you have a ratio win/total play higher than 100% on a long term.

    So, I tried their live roulette and big difference, their bets on colour can go only from 5$ to 25$, so it is not possible to play progressive bets (they are smart).

    So, I checked the live roulettes at 888 and it seems too good to be true as the bets can vary from 1$ to 40,000$. I was very suspicious so thanks for your message. It seems 888 casino are cheaters like bet365.

    We want lawsuit against bet365 and 888 casino and probably all the online casinos.

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    Hello ghost.

    This forum & site is based on live dealer games. Part of your suspicion is aimed at the RNG (non live roulette) when you talk of 10 cents to unlimited. I think you will find it's not unlimited what you can bet on the outside bets (~50% chance).

    When you compare allowed bets at Bet365 and 888 you are also really comparing different platforms, Playtech versus Evolution Gaming. Traditionally Evolution casinos have in general always had higher table limits. A Playtech casino that I first started at and betted a large amount with still limits the outside bets at 50. Although some Playtech casino limits have increased substantiallly in recent times.

    The standard evens chances outside ("1 chance out of 2") bets at 888 are actually max /$2400, not 40,000 which is the total table limit.

    When anybody is making allegations of deception on the live roulettes at 888 they are really making an allegation of cheating by the platform itself and not the casino. From my experience playing at the live casinos many players making these outlandish claims don't even comprehend that the majority of the tables serve players from many casinos.

    Doubling up (or thereabouts) your bets each round to "recuperate a part of what you lost" always comes with the risk of a very expensive long losing streak. And the more regular you play at the casinos the more likely you will encounter that fate.

    Fundamentally players need to accept that previous spins on roulette, previous results on baccarat, etc have NO bearing on the next live game round. The probability of a red number on European roulette would still be 18/37 * 100 (~ 50%) after a run of 1000 (or any multiple) red numbers.

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    I think Saali's videos are very clear: live Roulette at 888 are fake.

    If I didn't have my own experience at Bet365 cheating rng roulette, I would not believe it. But at 100% sure, the rng roulette at Bet365 is rigged. And the only thing that their customer service says is "why they would risk to lose their licence". So stupid. It is obvious that they are cheating with progressive bets because even with 50% to win, it becomes impossible to win. And it is also obvious when playing a specific numbers. It will never come but once you don't play it, it always come. You replay it, it doesn't come. You stop, it comes again... Same, if you play all the numbers except one just to test, the number you don't play will always come.

    So, I don't have a hard time to believe that live Roulette can also be rigged.
    Live Roulette at bet365 are 5$ - 25$ (because there should be no cheating) and live Roulette at 888 are 1$ - 2400$ which is suspicious. So, when I am seeing these kind of videos, how I am supposed to be sure that 888 live Roulette are not rigged? Give me proofs that I can start my progressive bets safely and win a lot of money with 888 live roulette?

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    The fact that 888 limits evens chances bets to 2400 is in a way some proof that it is not rigged to stop people with an unlimited cash resource doubling up everytime until they finally win.

    It doesn't take that long doubling up to reach that table limit, 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024, 2048.... that's only 12 rounds and a large sum (4095) of cash invested chasing an initial /$1 bet loss.

    As I said before, very long runs on roulette and baccarat are possible anytime. Just last week I saw a 16 round run of banker wins on baccarat. From your basis I assume you would say that is rigged also

    You will find the same bet365 roulette tables (with the exception of private table) at other Playtech casinos with much higher limits than 5-25.... same table, same day and time in history, same dealer, same game result. Have a look around!.

    From my understanding, Saali was trying to say they didn't accept his winning bets on a generic roulette table available to any player from numerous casinos all betting differently.

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    If it is not rigged, you will be able to manage to win some money with wide range of betting available.

    Because a Banker won 16 times in a row doesn't mean it is cheating but do you have a lot of experience with rng roulette? I would have never thought that most famous sites can cheat us, but the truth at 100%, yes, they are. So, I prefer to check out the live Roulette first before to jump

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    Lots of people don't trust the RNG games. Or have had a bad experience sometime with them, myself included yes.

    Stick with the live games on the big platforms for the best variety of tables/games and less suspicion.


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