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Thread: deception ,cheating in live casinos?

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    Thanks, I will follow your advice and I hope I will regain trust.
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    25 wins on a live roulette, no more than 3 lost in a row .
    This is simply impossible with RNG roulette, the programmers of RNG roulette should just go to jail lol

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    And I got 2 correct numbers in 5 try with the live roulette

    It never happened to me to find the correct number with RNG roulette, even if a lot of times it is so easy to guess which number will come out (due to the non randomly thing lol) but strangely if you are betting on the number, it doesn't come.

    Problem, it seems that 888 casino is cheating me. I took advantage of their 88$ offer without any deposit. What was the risk (no deposit lol)? So, in fact, you had to play 88$ but you can win max 15$ so the offer was already misleading. And then, you had to wager the 15$ 30 times. There is no way you can still have money after that so, I lost quickly everything with the slots (except 0.03 cents as it is too low to bet anywhere). The live stuff counts only for 10% max. I managed to wager maybe one time only.

    Then, I made a deposit (no bonus as they are all scam to keep your money) and won at the live roulette. But, I can't withdraw any of this, it looks like I still have to wager this at the slots??????? So ridiculous!!!!!!!!!

    So, all my win at the live roulette are like with fake money (even if my deposit was so real) and maybe , I will stop winning after I will play with money that I can really withdraw???????

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    Customer service of 888 casino as bad as the one from bet 365

    They just told me that with the roulette, I still have to wager 1340$ before making a withdraw.....

    My answer below:
    "Are you kidding me??? As I explained to you, I had only 3 cents remaining with my bonus and it was not enough to do any bet...

    So, I didn't have any other choice than to make a deposit and play with my deposit. So, I won on my first bet (3 cents came from my bonus, I didn't want this 3 cents...) and 2.97 dollars came from my deposit. But, they considered that all I won came from my bonus while 99% came from my deposit.

    This is stupid, your answer is stupid. Please fix my account!!!!! You are thief."

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    Stupid people, they answered four times exactly the same answer. They don't want to understand the problem.

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    Review of Live roulette at 888 casino: is it rigged?

    It seems difficult to fake the live roulette so it might not be but 888 casino has proven their dishonesty to me so it is not impossible if they really want.

    I took advantage of their 88$ dollars bonus without any deposit (how to resist lol) but quickly I realized it was useless. So, on purpose, I made sure to lose everything at their slots (except for 3 cents as I didn't find any slots who accept bets below than 5 cents).

    So, I had two options: wait for 90 days to make sure my bonus was all gone lol or trust them as per their philosophy (my next bet, they should have considered than 3 cents came from the bonus and the rest from my deposit).

    So, I made a deposit with no welcome bonus, nothing.

    I bet two dollars on a colour and one dollar on a number and the number came out. Four bets later, same, the correct number came out.
    Those winnings seem suspicious because as we all know, the new players are lucky so they can play more but quickly the luck disappears. The rule applied here. And even worst, they considered that everything I won came from the bonus???? So, it was only an advantage for the casino, not for me as I could not withdraw it. I won for nothing.

    It is really easy to program their software to share 3 cents from the previous bonus and 2.97 dollars from my deposit. Bet 365 are doing this really well. But no, 888 casino just took advantage of the bonus, they considered than 100% came from their bonus. If I would have lost, I would have lost 3 dollars for real!!!!! I sent 6 messages to their customer service but they didn't care at all. They answered me 6 times the same stupid answer (just a copy paste of their rule). Stupid people.

    For sure, they are dishonest. So, now my feelings about their live roulette with about 300 spins.

    I made bets on colour (progressive bets) + between one and 4 numbers on the other colour.
    On progressive bets with colour, I have never lost more than 3 times in a row so it doesn't seem fake. I don't think their live roulettes are rigged but as you will see, there is really space for doubts and for sure, due to the dishonesty of 888 casino, I will never played again with them!!!!!

    On rigged RNG roulette, what happens when you play progressive bets on colour. Typically, you win your two first bets (they want you to continue playing). Then, you lost 3-4 times in a row and one win. Then, you lost 6-7 times in a row and one win. Then, you lost 9-10 times in a row and one win. And very quickly, it becomes impossible to win.

    Here, on those live roulettes, it is not the case at all but I don't want to try to lose 5 or 6 times in a row. Then, your bets will be high, and it is possible they just wait for this time and they will make sure you will lose all your bets at high stakes. That is a possibility because my experience on numbers specific is very different than my experience on colours.

    So, I won twice at the really beginning with only one number selected just to make sure that I will play more and anyway, I was not able to withdraw this.
    But, after even with 4 or 5 numbers selected, I didn't win again on a number. So, to win a number twice out of 5 bets and then didn't find any number with hundreds of spin and several numbers per spin, the odds are 1 chance out of several millions!!

    And even stranger, after a while, I had the idea in top of my normal bet to add for each bet 10 dollars on black, 10 dollars on red and one dollar on the zero. This was supposed to be a trick to wager my money faster and finish it faster with their imaginary bonus. It is one dollar lost on each bet if the zero doesn't come but I though it will come and basically, at each bet, I had one more chance to get the correct number.

    In 50 spins, I didn't get any zero so a lost of 50 dollars and because of this, I finally lost all my "bonus" money.
    Then, the strange part, I was below my original deposit so I just bet on colours (progressive bets) to leave them with a little bit more money than I deposed lol. The two first bets just after I bet 50 times on the zero, the zero came out twice!!!! The odds that the zero didn't come when I bet on it 50 times and came twice the two next bets are again 1 chance out of several millions!!
    Luckily, I won my third bet and I can leave 888 casino with peace.

    So, is their live roulette rigged??? I am not sure, I don't think so and I hope not, but there is really lot of space for doubts and only people with more experience can tell. But one thing is sure, I won't come back.

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    Parklane Casino

    I got really good experiences with Parklane Casino. Their live roulette and rng roulette don't seem to be rigged at all. Yes, I said I don't think their rng roulette is fake. At least, it has nothing to do with the fake ones developped by Playtech.

    I was already happy to finally find the good online casino.
    However, I read after the reviews on internet and unfortunately, I read a lot of bad experiences when trying to withdraw (which is the most important part). For example, they will reject your withdraw and cancel all your winning if you played progressive bets (which I am doing a lot).

    Is it true, did someone experienced issues with them on this forum?

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    Never played them and unlikely to after your experiences.

    In case it helps with future online casino selection, I find a good rule of thumb to use is stick with the big brands.

    That said with regard to withdrawals, many will insist you complete the mandatory KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements before they allow withdrawals. Annoyingly, they let you deposit and play before completing KYC.

    But they'll never try steal your money
    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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    I tried Bet365. They are really good in many ways. For example, they will ask you to complete the mandatory KYC before accepting any deposit. Problem, live roulette: we can't make any bets below than 5 dollars if we want to play a colour which is too much for me + max bet = 25 or 50 dollars which doesn't allow for progressive bets. Other big problem: their rng roulette is rigged and talking to their customer service is like talking to a wall. But I understood that their rng roulette is set to give you a return at about 95%. So, if you play flat bets on colour, you won't notice it is rigged. But if you play progressive bets starting from 10 cents to unlimited, you will notice immediately.

    I tried Casino 888. They stole me 100 dollars and their customer service is so stupid (much worst than the one from bet 365). And I don't trust their live roulette. For sure, I will never try a high stake on their live roulette while playing progressive bets.

    With Parklane casino, I got really good experience with their games. Now, they are asking me so many papers to do the withdrawal but as you said, it looks like it is almost all the casinos. So, they are all so bad. The bad experiences came from review I read on internet.

    But the conclusion seems that it is not possible to do any progressive bets. Either it is rigged and set up to make you lose all your moneys. Either, the range of bets is too small to let you do it or either they won't pay you. In my opinion, progressive bets don't seem fair anyway for the casinos and people who think it won't work in the long term are just nuts (why casino would count on you to be really unlucky like almost no chance to make money)?

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    My withdraw at Parklane casino got approved, I will come back.


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