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Thread: deception ,cheating in live casinos?

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    I found an easy to apply the progressive bets. We just need to change casino everytime we lost 2 times in a row .

    I managed to win 1000 dollars with starting bet at 1$ and without losing more than 5 times in a row.

    But I also found out that all the live roulettes with a big range to play with (e.g. from 1$ to 25,000$) are rigged. I took largely advantages of this as they don't care of 1$ bets to win only 2$ but the casinos are making a lot of money by cheating...

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    If you change casino (ie. stop betting) after 2 times in a row you're not really doing progressive bets. That's just quiting when you're on a losing streak which many people would advise, rather than carrying on trying to win back all your loses over the next couple of game rounds.

    If it was just as simple as changing casino, you could just rejoin the EXACT SAME live table at Evolution/Playtech/etc. from another casino and be confident of winning the next round then.

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    I mean if you lost 1$ and 2$. Then you leave the table and the casino and go to another table at another casino to play 4$ and 8$ .
    It works much better than playing straight 1, 2, 4 and 8 at the same table, trust me. And if you can wait for your next win, it would be even better to wait at least 24 hours.

    It is like after an important win at a casino, never come back to the same casino within 24 hours, they will make sure you lose everything this second time.

    Also, track all the paterns at the live casinos and just follow them. You will have a long list of winning wins in a row.

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    Live roulette rigged

    Is it me or live roulette can be worst than rng roulette? Lol. I tried a theory. I registered to a new casino, played 10$ on a number because we all know that we always win at the first bet. So, no surprise there, I won 360$. I withdraw it. Then, I played flat bet at 1$ with 50% chances to win to see how is it rigged lol. I lost 70 times in a row before stopping. Yes at the live roulette. So, I can leave the casino happy with a positive balance of + 280$ and being 100% sure that it is rigged.

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    Yeah I think it must be you and similar like minded players.

    I'm sure not many of us could place a single(?) straight up bet the first time at a new casino and win on it. Then lose 70 times in a row on 50%/outside bets.

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    Exactly, that's inpossible. That's why we know that all of those games are 100% rigged.

    Also, I got another free slots at 888 casino without any deposit. I did it again for fun. Results are exactly the sames as previously, even worst. I have now the ultimate proof that they stole me on purpose my 100$ the first time.
    So, I played the slots with my free slots, and I won more than 200$ in one spin (I got like 25 free spins with one spin so then the money rose so fast). But obviously, they gave only 10$ so we won on pupose for nothing. Then, the wagger requirements on this 10$. So, I played live wheels and again, I found 2 correct numbers. This time, in exactly 2 spins. Really really strange?????? Of course, with the wagger requirements without ending, I lost everything. It was win for nothing. I got tired of the live wheels so I finished with slots. Strangely, no win on slots and I finished with only 4 cents.... This time, I am not dupe, I won't put real money and get it trapped. My proof that the first time they stole me on purpose my 100$ (read the story above)??? Well, the minimum bet I can do on slot is now 5 cents. It was also 5 cents the first time when I got only 3 cents left. But in between, 1 cent was allowed. So, what's this joke????? If you put real money and if you lose, you lose for real. But if you win with real money, they will consider that 100% of your winnings are still part of the bonus because of the 4 cents that they don't want you to spend on purpose. It is only a trap but I will never put one cent to 888 casino, only play their free false gifts with no deposit lol.

    The truth, only stupid people cannot see that all of this is 100% rigged.

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    Unclefester, you seem like incredibly hard to be convinced like live roulette, like online casinos are rigged. So, three questions for you:
    - Do you remember the first bets you did in an online casino: did you win or lose. I bet that you won.
    - A short time after, did you have the feeling that whatever you do, you lose and finally, you ended up losing more than what you won? I am sure you did.
    - You made a really strange statements that losing 12 consecutively with even chances to win happen really fast.... so I am 100% sure it happened to you but you still think it is normal. So, let's play this game. Invent your own game at home (whatever it is) with 50 or 47% chance to win and play days and days, months and months, for fun till you lose more than 12 times in a row. Make sure there is no cheating and no way to know if you are going to win or to lose. Is it still happening really fast???? Of course not lol

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    Firstly, forget about RNG, this site concentrates on live dealer games. I'm not here to defend or promote RNG.

    Casino games have a house edge, so in theory every player loses more than they win eventually (to answer your question).

    The basic thing you seem to ignore constantly is that people from the same casino AND other casinos, are playing at the same live table, at the same time, betting the complete opposite 50% chances as you. They aren't losing when you are, or do you think it is so rigged that they are presented with other game results???.

    Previous results have absolutely NO influence on the next result on roulette, so long runs of the same outside bets happen surprisingly frequently. It's ~ 50% chance with 19 ways out of 37 (for European layout table) each time that the spin will go AGAINST you.

    When you first joined the forum you already was of the mind that live games must be rigged if they allowed you to bet larger amounts. But it must have took great skill to lose 70 times in a row as you credit to you.

    If you don't trust the live games, don't play, it's that simple.

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    I am talking about live roulette not rng.

    I played rng because I believed in honesty but found out they were rigged.

    In bet365, the live roulettes are limited from 5 to 25 dollars so they might not be rigged but this is really not convenient to me. Then, I found the live roulettes at 888 casino which allows bet from 1 dollars to several thousand. So, I did some check in google and found this forum where someone posted the proof that it is rigged. But finally, I tried thinking it is lived so it cannot be rigged.

    But after thousands and thousands of spins and tries, I came up with my absolute conclusion that even live roulette are rigged (at least a lot of them especially those with wide ranges of bet). I shared my experiences, up to you to believe in my conclusions or not

    And I really do believe that the house edge is really not a guarantee enough to ensure the casinos will make profit...

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    You returned to the subject of RNG talking about 888.

    As you said after thousands of spins....well the more you play, the more likely that small (2.7% for European roulette) house edge will bite you and made all the worse if you've been doing Martingale/progressive bets.

    As I told you when you first joined the forum, you can play the EXACT same tables available at Bet365 (Playtech platform) at other Playtech casinos, with much higher bets allowed....into thousands $'s on outside bets. So to follow your thinking, those casinos are rigging the results against their players somehow (unspecified how by you) while at the same time the results on the same table are genuine for Bet365 players.

    Seriously this discussion is going no where, and life is too short.


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