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Thread: 'Missing' Playtech Dealers

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    It's the well known practice in all corpoworld. But if f.e. Unibet fire the dealer it's like Evolution fired him or just he is moved to the other company using service from Evolution ?

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    So you are looking for a missing Unibet table dealer. Unibet don't employ the dealers.

    Several casinos have a team of Evolution dealers assigned to their tables ... but Unibet doesn't.

    Dealers just come from the general floor tables (all those tables that don't have Unibet branding on tables or walls). They do a couple of Unibet tables then move onto other casino branded tables, or back to the general floor tables.

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    Playtech ... opendsky casino... I tght it was Vegas... but apparently not.... still wondering how to get on casino...

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    The new casino tables are not open to 'regular' players yet .... even though dealers are there.

    three P's:

    passion, patience, and LOTS OF perseverance.

    You have to have ALL these to get anywhere with Playtech's live casino.

    .... I don't anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unclefester View Post
    This only really concerns Italians and Bummy...

    Emilija is also not a dealer now

    Last time I chatted with Emilija she was talking about going to Italy, possibly with Elizabete and her boyfriend.

    Long-time players may be interested to know Emilija is back dealing at Playtech.

    Now with the new nickname 'Inta' , and in higher video definition.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    When she was last at the studio dealers were still not allowed to wear glasses supposedly because of the reflection of their video screen ... how times have changed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unclefester View Post
    Several 'big name' dealers have left Playtech in recent months ... Jana, Evita
    Bumped into a very old Playtech face at William Hill today.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Evita_WH.jpg 
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    Former live dealer of the week - Evita has apparently been working at Evolution for 2 months.

    I know a few members of the forum will be pleased to know Evita is back dealing after such a long time...even if they only ever read all the information and never says thanks .

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