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Thread: 'Missing' Playtech Dealers

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    Patricija has also left.

    Perhaps she has gone to work as a stand-in for Kat Dennings who plays Max in the US tv comedy "2 Broke Girls" ???
    Actually, from what a dealer was saying I get the feeling she is still working for Playtech, just not on the studio floor.

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	1003 ... Patricija Click image for larger version. 

Name:	kat_dennings.jpg 
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ID:	1004 ... Max

    ps. I would just like to say to you Patricija that you are a lovely person and I wish you a very happy life.

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    I meant that the change is good for the dealers

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    Agnese is no longer a dealer.

    She has joined other CSR ex-dealers to help protect the 'church of Playtech'.
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    Several 'big name' dealers have left Playtech in recent months ... Jana, Evita, Gunta and Karolina

    Gunta is now Dana at Evolution Gaming ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Another Dealer View Post
    When we dispose of our worst, when dealers get fired for serious offences- they have nowhere else to go. I don't think that the "creme-de-la-creme" of Playtech has moved to Evolution.

    As LD said ... emplyee movement is inevitable.

    So even top ranked Diamond dealers with their picture on the wall can get pushed out.

    Perhaps they think they are a untouchable.

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    This only really concerns Italians and Bummy...

    Emilija is also not a dealer now

    Last time I chatted with Emilija she was talking about going to Italy, possibly with Elizabete and her boyfriend.

    Italian Playtech regulars may want to keep your eyes open for the 3 of them in Italy . That's if you are not to busy talking at the casino and following dealers onto English tables to continue your conversations, asking when they are back on Italian tables, etc.
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    Unhappy Any news about MILA ?

    I discovered live online roulette approx 1 year ago, when I was blocked in bed after an injury.
    And I discovered the Italian tables - William Hill (Playtech) roulette.

    There was a dealer, a blond girl named MILA, that I really liked very much.
    We were joking all the time and I was really getting addicted to our talks...

    Then I promised myself that I would stop wasting time online (not money, because I was moderately winning) and get to know her in real, of course after not being a player anymore, not to make her lose her job.

    Some plans changed, I was busy anyway and I let this thing go... me bad!

    But now 1 year passed and I am missing her smile. I logged in again the Casino and seems she is not anymore working there.

    Any news?
    Anyone remembers her?

    If she is not a dealer anymore or if she is working for the competitor, well... maybe now we can meet, isn't it?

    Good spins and pretty dealers to everyone!


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    Hi tommato

    Do you possibly mean Milana?

    She used to have blonde hair, but she now has it dark and looks different.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	milana_b.jpg 
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ID:	2061 ... Milana was blonde, but now she looks like this ... Click image for larger version. 

Name:	milana.jpg 
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    There's another Italian dealer Mia who had her hair blonde when she first went to the Italian tables but now has it more 'natural' colour.

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	2062 ... Mia now

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    Thanks Unclefester,
    I know Milana and Mia, they have been working on the Italian roulettes already 1 year, I am talking of MILA...

    Anyone remembers her?

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    Later I remembered The Dealer mentioning Mila

    Quote Originally Posted by The Dealer View Post
    + Sofija, Mila, Mika, Valerija, Gundega...
    I never had the pleasure of meeting her.

    As you implied, some Playtech Italian dealers have gone to Evolution .... Rogers, Edvins etc.

    But, if they don't give the nickname to another dealer that is a clue they may still work for Playtech. In another position, or on maternity leave etc.

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