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Thread: Stay Away from BetHorizon live casino

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    I'm also really not sure if their live casino is legit... the shuffling of the cards was done off cammera

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    and I didn't start to loose until after they changed decks... it was really fishy

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    Quote Originally Posted by angryguyhasbeenscammed View Post
    do you think my wife might understand more if I got help?
    Angry I don't know your wife so can't answer this. But regardless of how she feels on the matter, it sounds like getting some help would be a step in the right direction.

    As to who you speak to...I have no idea. Perhaps start with a Google search for 'problem gambling help [insert your country]'
    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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    Hi angry!!! If I may, I recommend you visit
    Orient you there!!!, are dedicated to helping players with disputes of all kinds, had no recollection bethorizon good reputation, they will orient..., even if it is you might say that casinos do. Contact them directly to the site in dispute.

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    Well Angry... I read your case and you can certainly lose 8 hands in a row... I thought it was another thing.
    Still there this page if you need it.

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    Of course it is all random, and there was nothing scammed. How do you immagine they did that? They knew what decitions you will take at every hand and putted the cards in the boxes accordingly? Come on! And as you and only you decided to play (I believe nobody forced or begged you to do that), you had to be ready to the possibility that the cards can be also bad, not only perfect for your seat.

    It is not Casino's fault that you play. It is not correct to denigrate a particular Casino, because you lost 8 hands in row. That is possible. Your reaction is weird. I guess you really should search for some help as soon as possible, as already the guys here suggested you.

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    On one of my many, many chats with they told me that they don't own the software; they get it from

    So I visited them and called them to ask for an explanation; and they couldn't give it to me! I say they are the scammers. Worse, when I called, they said that they just give software. WFT, so tehey give it to people so they can scam?

    I'm never gambling online again!

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    and my wife has found out, but I told her I will stop, she has been craying for al ong time now... and I have bene too

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    her mother called me and started screaming at me, told me I hvae no soul and that I don't care about the kdis; but that is not tue; I lvoe them very much

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    I found this site; do you think they can help? I just need some help.


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