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Thread: Stay Away from BetHorizon live casino

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    angryguy... I sympathize with you, I have had some big losses in the past, I guess most players have. And we all think just one more bet to win it back.

    Your concern is with the shuffling / dealing so you can't really blame the software whoever owns it.

    But I think most people here are suggesting you try get some help with your gambling if you feel it is out of control.

    So I'm not sure you want to go down the '' route, but that is your choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unclefester View Post
    So I'm not sure you want to go down the '' route, but that is your choice.
    I'd go a step further here and say that I am sure you DON'T want to go down this route. Getting lawyers involved (especially someone you've found on the internet and know nothing about) could make your $4k loss look cheap.

    I also don't believe you have recourse here. It's simply a case of gambling and losing. If you had won 8 hands in a row would you expect the casino to get upset and not pay you? (Now there you'd have a case!)

    I know how you feel...I took a very big punt a few years back at a casino of a different kind (sharemarket) and lost significantly more than you have. I felt sick and angry and wanted to blame others for the loss but eventually realized that getting bogged down in self-pity and the blame game only makes the situation worse. You just have to learn from your mistakes and move on.
    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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    Thanks for the interventión dealer, yes!!! its random, I knew of one who lost like 13 or 15 in a row jajajajajaja.... good thing is that chips were only 10 euros
    I wish you better times "angry", there is no better game than life and not worth reducing it by the blackjack.

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    Jeeeeeez angry guy............Iv'e played in a based, shoe not shuffler and lost 22 out of 23 hands.....S$$$ happens.

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