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Thread: Optimise your live blackjack returns

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    Statistically playing 20 hands is pointless, it's why I suggested playing a shoe. Of course players win sometimes or break the odds.

    As I said before the maths are more complex, but if you follow basic strategy which HAS BEEN calculated a long time ago to be the optimal strategy (certainly better than sticking on 12+) the house edge at Evolution & Playtech casinos is 0.486%.

    With your simple method the casino house edge will be larger, fact!

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    I know it is pointless but I know 100% sure that this method is more efficient that what a normal player would do without the optimal table.

    Thanks for the link. I would have to check how they got their numbers and why their optimal method seems less efficient than my easy method LOL

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    The house edge figures for blackjack are well established and is why casinos are in business, the same as a house edge exists in roulette (as we had before).

    Go read more about basic strategy and research the maths eg. search 'Wizard of Odds' as a starting point.
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    Thanks, I found out why their numbers are different and I still believe house edge is in my favour. By playing my method, the dealer should stop at 15 instead of 17 to have the best house edge possible and 16 would be sufficient to make the house edge in his side.
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    Yesterday's results in a real casino:
    Bet range: 5 - 100
    Numbers of hands and total numbers of players: 5
    I didn't get the last seat (and I don't know yet the optimal table) so just used the easy method (don't hit after 12).
    Used progressive bets: 5, 10, 20 and 40 (I have never had to go higher than 40).
    Number of hands played: 87,
    Number of hands won: 50 (my target) - total win 230$ + 20$ tips for the dealer,
    % hands won: 57%
    Number of time dealer busted: 26 (30% of hands)

    As you said, it doesn't mean anything but in my opinion, if the house edge is 49.5% or 50.5%, it is the same.

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    + 20$ tips for the dealer

    btw. Playtech dealers also DON'T get their tips.

    but maybe it helps bolster your edge with your basic strategy beating method of standing on 12+, however misguided it really is .

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    I hope their salary is good because, other the fact that online casino claims winning several billions dollars per month, so many people around the world are watching the Playtech dealers.

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    I tried the optimal method on 40 hands on unlimited blackjack online, straight bet 5$ each and betting on only one hand per turn.
    Won 17 hands (42.5% - lost 7.5$),
    Number of times the optimal method made me win: 1,
    Number of times the optimal method made me lose: 4.

    Then, I decided to get back my money with one win on progressive bet starting at 10$.
    - first bet: I got 19, the dealer got 20;
    - second bet (20$): I got BJ but the dealer also got BJ;
    - third bet (20$): I got 13 and the dealer had an As. Odds were against me but I decided to not follow the optimal method. Players who took another card busted (it was a King). Finally, the dealer busted as well. Luckily I didn't follow the optimal method, it would have been the 5th time I would have lost because of it.

    Total win for the session: 2.5$

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    It's just your game results, from your game session.

    Like I could relate how I've lost more often at one specific private blackjack table blah doesn't prove anything or that the maths behind basic strategy wrong that show it to be the most optimal way to play with the smallest casino house edge (yes it exists!).

    Anything in life which is not 100% a sure thing is subject to fluctuations in outcome (hence why we have probability distribution/Gaussian function/bell curves).

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    Totally agree with your message (even if I believe it follows the probability in this case).

    The very first time I played blackjack, my strategy was to hit on 12 and 13 and stand on 14 and higher. Results, in 15 hands, I lost 10 times in a row because everytime the dealer busted, I busted because I didn't like a 12 or a 13...

    Then, I watched... and notice only one thing was always true: no matter what, the dealer busts about 30% of the times and players rarely take advantage of this.

    So, I elabored my strategy: instead of trying to beat the dealer when he is going to have 19 or 20 which is a lost cause, just make sure you win everytime he busts. It works by the maths, it works for me.

    But yes, even if you had 99% chances to win, the probability to lose big always exist unfortunately.
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