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Thread: Optimise your live blackjack returns

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghost888 View Post
    I hope their salary is good because, other the fact that online casino claims winning several billions dollars per month, so many people around the world are watching the Playtech dealers.
    I found out that they have a small salary... I hope they will get good tips!

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    Ak Dievs!..another off topic thread and split personage!..anyway DadAndrew et al,

    Yes dealers in Latvia are paid much lower, compared with workers in many other countries, and this is compounded by deductions in take home salary for simple mistakes such as dropping a card, miss spins on roulette changing a dealer status/rank, and so on.

    But it is a 'good' easy income for Latvia, albeit accommodation costs in Riga are high like many capital cities.

    As I said earlier in this thread (if you actually read it) and elsewhere in the forums,

    Quote Originally Posted by Unclefester View Post
    Playtech dealers also DON'T get their tips.
    Despite what some sites will tell you how great all the casino options are and that you can "even tip the dealers" .

    Of course there's no tip option for Evolution casinos et cetera, and nowadays more live tables/dealers are not in Latvia.

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