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Thread: Zero commission baccarat

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    Thanks for the table LD

    I wish I had looked more for his calculations.

    So how widespread is this variation I wonder ?

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    Apparently it's getting pretty popular in land based casinos (Asian) so I guess live games suppliers are jumping on board.

    Versions I'm aware of are:

    summary here
    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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    I'll be sticking with traditional baccarat then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kanja
    Which is the better returning game? normal live baccarat or m88 zero commission game?
    hope you are satisfied with answer Kanja

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    Dragon - Tiger (Player's first card, Banker's first card) can not be considered as "zero commision" ? What happens when "Tie" ? If "Push", then it's very good. Cause both hands pay 1:1.

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    Dragon Tiger should be treated as another game.

    Unlike this thread concerning so called "Zero/No Commission Baccarat". Whereby the payout is altered for a banker win on 6.

    Hence the discussion and some heavy maths concerning which is the better returning version of baccarat.
    No heavy maths is required for Dragon-Tiger ..phew!

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    Zero/No commission baccarat is now available at Playtech.

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