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Thread: Nikola - my dealer of the week

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    Nikola - my dealer of the week

    I had only just started talking to Nikola at Playtech when she moved to Italian tables in February 2012. Then to my great surprise, Nikola and her fellow Italian colleagues were brought back onto some English tables last month to cover for staff shortages.

    I have had some great conversations with her these last few weeks.

    She looks gorgeous and is always laughing at even my lamest jokes.

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    ... Nikola or Shannen Doherty

    A few random things I have found out about her since her return are :-

    • She loves cycling, especially on her mountain bike.

    • Nikola once had 7 pet snails called the Backstreet Boys .... yes there was only 5 members in the real group !
      She accidentally killed them by throwing them in the snow. In her defence she thought they were already dead.

    • If she had a horse she would call it Rainbow.

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    There are a lot more new English dealers now ! ... maybe the Italian dealers wont be on so many English tables ?

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    Nikola is not a dealer anymore

    Thanks for the fun times Nikola.

    No more conversations about yellow grass, magic enchanted wood, and swinging - lol ... she only used the wrong word once but it was a classic Nikola moment

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