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Thread: Natalija - playtech

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    And dont try to kill my complaint with the words dont make Drama again.
    So, Bummy, how do you call all this? An emotionless mourning?

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    Apparently he's dissapointed in the whole female genre because some didn't tell him smth he expected, to put it short Bummy, dnt u think that u're exaggerating...a LITTLE BIT?

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    *gender. sorry

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    Natalija's favourite song. LOL

    Refrain: Little sea turtle named Natashka is wearing (sun)glasses made in China, she's so cool!

    P.S. The song sounds slmilar to "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" originally performed by Eiffel 65

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    I would have been more impressed if you'd remembered or known something like her dog's name, rather than information than can be harvested from other social places.

    Considering how it will soon be 3 years since Natilija stopped dealing I'm not sure what you are hoping for Your Majesty. Other than to spook some reaction, & recalling your conversation about your banhammer at Playtech and consequences for Natilija if it was her.

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    Such a shame. I was doing my best, and you are even "not impressed" . My life is now divided into 2 parts: before and after.

    About pet's names... Not the strongest side of mine. Remember only 3 dog's names and 1 parrot's. But know much more about breeds.

    Anyway... You really have any doubts that i have ever played with her ? Ok. Few illustrated provements will be included.

    Originally there are 5 pictures with common name "DO XPEHA (lots of) spins without 2nd column". So, Natalija is only like some background here.

    To be honest, she had 2 favourite songs. Previous one (from my previous message) and another one , which was performed and recorded in the middle of 70s in The USSR:


    Some boy is singing about his younger sister (also Natalija) who has just become a pupil of a primary school ("pervoklashka") and he was leading her there for the first time ever. "And the whole country knows about that and everybody feels proud." (c)
    I used to "sing" both songs while playing with her. So, i don't understand about which "other social places" you are speaking now. All facts are harvested only from my own mind.
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    You really have any doubts that i have ever played with her ?
    I never said that anywhere Your Majesty.

    In future though, try not be too clever dropping personal information (dealers names etc.) in posts.

    ps. she had 1 dog. He stayed with her some weekends, or when her mother was away & I do remember his name.

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