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Thread: Natalija - playtech

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    Natalija - playtech

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ID:	1284 ... Natalija is no longer a Playtech dealer !!

    I know several players will be sad to hear the news that one of their favourites has gone.

    I am thankful that I got to play with her on her last shift and wish her a happy life.

    Natalija was the second live dealer I ever spoke to. It seems so recent, and yet so much has happened since then.

    Without her friendly, welcoming chat on that very first visit, and subsequent good-natured banter I probably wouldn't be here today.

    Sure we had days when we fought, but life is a rollercoaster.

    She never once fished for compliments to boost her dealer ranking and bonus.

    Maybe one day soon we may see her at Evolution ? lol
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ID:	1290 ... Happy April Fool's Day !

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    Happy April Fool's Day !
    Or is it ?

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ID:	1292 ... one too many carrots perhaps ?

    Thanks for all the great times Natalija

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    Di she tell u it's her last shift, unclefester?
    You always seem to know everything!

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    Bummy, remember that there is still 1 %... An stating facts or guesses out of Dealer's sad or happy or whatever sight is totally silly.

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    And dont try to kill my complaint with the words dont make Drama again.
    So, Bummy, how do you call all this? An emotionless mourning?

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    *gender. sorry

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    Apparently he's dissapointed in the whole female genre because some didn't tell him smth he expected, to put it short Bummy, dnt u think that u're exaggerating...a LITTLE BIT?

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    When I said 100 it was meant as a slight exaggeration !

    I'm sure it's less than 100 ... Hanna, Emilija, Nikola, Rasa, Gunta, Larisa, Sandra, Estere, Agnese, Inese, Roza, Marlena, etc ??

    ... perhaps it's a British humor thing that gets lost in translation.

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