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Thread: Playtech game speed - polite or rude behaviour ?

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    Playtech game speed - polite or rude behaviour ?

    I read LD's blog about the fastest live casino games (see here) and felt I had to comment on a trend that seems to be happening too much at Playtech.

    Previously if a dealer wanted to contact the Pitboss / PA because of a ball spinning out, to clean the scanner, check chat etc ... the dealer had to shout across the studio floor for assistance. This always seemed slightly archaic and non professional to me. I used to think they should be able to send a direct message from their keyboard by pressing a key eg. F2 = check chat.

    Finally, a few months ago Playtech updated things to the 21st century and dealers can now send messages.

    • So you would think this should speed up the games and seem better ?? ... unfortunately not always in my opinion

    • Some dealers now seem to be over-using or abusing the system.

    On quieter tables, or "welcome to the brand new ... live casino" a few dealers are sending messages to PA's and chat supervisors almost every game on blackjack.

    It actually seems to be slowing the game down, and it feels partly rude - well not polite anyway!. Like when you are having a conversation with someone and they turn their back to talk to someone else etc.

    The other day I was alone with a dealer who is great and I've chatted with many times. Previously when we've got stuck with an English word I would try to describe it to her. It was just part of our normal fun routine how long it would take her to comprehend. Anyway, I mentioned the word 'vinegar' and she didn't understand it, I tried to explain. She just wanted to type a message to a chat supervisor (or whoever) to ask what it was.

    I have told her before that I didn't like all the keyboard use by dealers. So she did ask first . I said if she really wanted to, then I would leave the table so she could be alone to send messages.

    I know it seems a petty, insignificant example, but it was just the principle and typical of how some dealers now seem to want to stop and type messages to chat colleagues etc.
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    Another example - a dealer in the "welcome to the brand new ..... live casino" was chatting with a player who was telling her a funny long story. At the end I just said to her "you are so gullible". So she stopped dealing and went for the keyboard, obviously typing a long message asking what gullible means. She never bothered to ask me what I meant.

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    Naturally the dealers will defend what they are doing and say it is just casino policy,

    but it needs to have limits and not be used as an opportunity to chat with colleagues behind a desk.

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    Does this dealer/pitboss interaction stop the 'betting time' clock and slow the games down?
    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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    It varies, some dealers type part of a message during the betting time, then put the keyboard away, then the next betting time go back to finish the message. Others type the whole message, and so don't start to deal cards until they have finished.

    It seems they have to type long messages everytime when they want simple, routine tasks such as just the scanner to be cleaned, unless I am mistaken ? Why can't they have routine requests assigned to function keys ?

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    But the thing is, ... it's not just to the pitboss, some dealers use the PA's & CSR/chat supervisors too much now.

    Like I said before, it seems slightly inpolite why they feel the need to be sending so many messages.

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    It's amazing, how ridiculous it is already. I totally agree with you. This is gone to far. That inside chat is ment for SOS situations, and it seems that some Dealers turned off their brain as they learned to use it... And how silly it is that you, while beeing so far away and entering some tables quite rarery have noticed that stright away, when those who are following those tables 24/7 because that's their job, haven't noticed, or at least have not done nothing to change that. It makes me so angry.

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    dont you think youre a bit too deep into all these things Unclefester?!
    ITS JUST AN ONLINE CASINO WHERE YOU GO TO GAMBLE!! PLAY, HAVE FUN! and the way youre talking about all these things its just..... youre not playing all the time, as much as i have noticed, than i dont think it should actually bother you, but the point is that, its annoying cuz dealers is not listening to you.
    you should realize that dealers are there for dealing, helping and not your friends. Its nice to chat about life time to time, yeah, why not, but shouldnt cross the lines. so calm down, its not such a big of a deal.
    no offence.

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    Hi somebody, welcome.

    No offence, but don't you think you are also defending Playtech perhaps too much? They just pay you to work the hours you are there.

    This site and forum is not solely to promote Playtech. Just as I can praise areas, tables and dealers I like, I'm not obliged to say everything is correct in my opinion.

    >> You are wrong in things you said.

    It looks like you didn't read my examples carefully enough.

    When I'm the only player at a table, the dealer is paid to deal and communicate with me, not chat to ex-dealers etc.

    In the old system of dealers shouting across the floor for the PA to check the chat I really don't think they would have asked for the meaning of 'vinegar' or 'gullible'

    It seems you weren't taking enough notice of the games you dealt for me. I usually play ~ every other hand. That is a lot more than several Playtech regulars who NEVER bet. But you know those names anyway.

    The reality is many dealers like players to chat to them, more so at the quieter tables, and hopefully get compliments to boost their points ranking (more money) - especially as Playtech euro dealers DO NOT GET THEIR TIPS! - the studio is only concerned with players staying at the tables, not if they ever bet.

    It is funny you mention not being friends, because I know one Playtech regular who NEVER bets, has ex-dealers, and at least one male Italian dealer on his Facebook friends list. Foolish dealer/s when you think any colleague could spot that!

    Of the main casino accounts I use, my VIP status with all of them is about halfway or higher. As a player you have to bet a certain amount each month or your level drops. So I think they are satisfied I play enough.

    I have no problem with dealers not talking to me! Many times dealers including yourself have asked me why wasn't I talking and I have responded that I knew they were busy and so I was just letting them concentrate, etc. To which they have responded something along the lines that they "can do more than one thing at once".

    Yes I know the dealers are paid and taught how to make the players feel welcome. So I do understand what dealers mostly really think about players.

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    If you are not here solely to promote playtech, why is it the main platform that's being discussed? Are there not plenty of other live platforms to tell ppl about? It does seem that several ppl are obsessed with us. chill, it's almost summer, enough of being online- get some fresh air

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